A kind woman opened an exotic zoo with various types of animals in her house to protect them from severe cold weather


It was frosty in Texas at the end of February. A woman whose name is Carly Henry has an animal shelter.

As there was a heavy snow storm the woman decided to take her animals to her home. When the hurricane began the electricity went off.

Carly brought the animals to her house from reptiles and the babies. With the help of pepole she brought some of the animals even to the roof of her house.

Carly felt good after bringing all the animals home. The animals warmed up and didn’t even disturb each other near the fireplace.

There were enormous tortoises, a frog, a leopard, chameleons, dogs and other species of animals. The neighbours of the woman also supported her and gave food for the animals.

Only in spring she could take the animals to enclosures. The woman and her family is thankful to their neighbours as they gave hand in their difficult period of time. Now the neighbours and the woman continue to contact each other  and their relations became close.

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