Two lovely puppies from the same neighborhood love to hug each other whenever they meet


Two lovely puppies are seen hugging each other every day when they meet. Their owners take them for a walk.

The photo became famous in social media. The two puppies show true love and care.

The dogs are true proof that as children from neighborhood can have a tight bond. The dogs do not conceql their true emotions when seeing each other.

The dogs also have a habbit of escaping from their yards to see each other. The scene was captured. They feel the same happiness greeting each other in such a heartwarming  way.

One of the dog was named Simba and the other was named Cooper. The sweet puppies are so adorable. Whenever they meet, they behave as if they have not seen each other for a long period of time.

These true friends turned one a few days ago. Now the two puppies get along with each other in a very perfect way.

The dogs live in Massachussets. They are good neighbours and can not imagine their lives without seeing each other even a day. These dogs will be close friends forever.

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