Video. A priceless reaction of the grandmother who was surprised to get a dog by her grandaughter


An old couple was fond of animals and used to keep dogs and cats. Unluckily, the family lost their dog. They had a wish to have a dog of their own.

The wife decided to adopt a dog from a shelter. They had a great experience looking after different dogs.

Unfortunately, the animal shelter rejected them. The grandaughter made a great surprise for her grandmother and grandfather. She made every effort to get a puppy for them.

She saw how sad they got not having a dog. When she brought the dog to her grandparents they became very happy. This was such a cute and heartwarming scene.

The dog filled the sad days of the grandparents. The grandparents were excited about having a new furry friend whom they would take care of and love with all heart.

They named the dog Princesa. The grandaughter gave the dog and the grandfather carried the dog in his arms and surprised the grandmother. The scene was so moving and emotional.

The grandmother couldn’t help but cry from happiness. She dreamt to have a puppy and her wish came true. The dog became a true friend for the family and a full member of the family.

Here is the video:

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