Incredible cute and funny video. Three Alaskan Malamutes enjoy singing songs in harmony on their way to the groomer


Here is a funny video about three cute Alaskan Malamutes. Malamutes are famous to be very sociable and noisy. They have a habbit of making noises.

Three malamutes in one place can be very noisy. The owner of the malamutes was driving his car to the groomer. The owner of the dog put a camera on so that he could follow them while driving.

Before having their hair cut they began to sing songs.The three dogs are named Zie, Travis and Leila. They were sitting on the backseat and singing in harmony. These dogs are so gorgeous and perfect.

The dogs are fond of singing songs twice a day. The owner of malamutes is proud and happy to have such musical dogs. The man takes the dogs for tours and they fill the tours with the songs.

Here is the video:

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