An abrupt change. A poor tiny kitten was rescued from wandering the streets and he refuses to leave the warm lap of the rescuer now


A cute tiny kitten was noticed wandering outdoors without a mom near him. The kitten was in a poor state. He was very thin and weak. His eyes were full of sadness.

It was clear he needed help. A rescue oragnisation heard about the small kitten and gave him a hand. A volunteer brought the kitten to the shelter.

The kitten was taken to a vet. He was examined and cured here. After some time the kitten gained weigh. The kitten became very playful and always wanted find someone with whom he could play.

The kitten was well fed as he was very weak and hungry. He was cleaned properly. A volunteer named Jass took the kitten in his arms and the kitten felt safety.

The kitten expressed his gratitude by nuzzling and purring in his arms. The kitten felt warmth that he has not felt since birth. The kitten slept so sweet as he knew he is safe.

The kitten always need attention and care. He likes to be surrounded with people. Even the kitten has a bed but he adores sleeping in the laps of the foster mom.

Thanks to the kind people he is rescued and his sad eyes became happy. His days became bright.

The kitten has a forever home now. He is loved and taken care of. He is fond of being in the arms of the family members. He has  a lucky future now.

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