Inseperable friends. A tiny dog is fond of bringing sticks to his friend


A tortoise and a tiny dog were rescued and taken to the same animal shelter. They got along with each other from their first meeting.

Though it seems rather strange for these two different species of animals they have a true and tight bond.

They like to spend every moment together. They play and like to walk together in the yard. The scene how they hang out all day together is heartwarming.

The dog even brings some sticks to the tortoise and dances around him but this does not make him impressed. The tortoise is named Tilly G and the dog is named Skippy. The dog is very lively and wants to make Tilly G happy.

They often sit under the sun and have a sunbath or just sleep a little bit. They are really true and inseperable friends now. They like to share everything together. The dog likes to pat his friend.

Whenever the dog finds a stick he brings it to the tortoise as he feels happy having more and more sticks. Nothing matters when they are together.

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