An emotional and touching video. A lovely donkey is overwhelmed with feelings when he reunites with the little girl who raised him


Here is a story how overwhelmed the donkey became when he saw the girl who raised him.

The moment how they reunited is very emotional. They have not seen each other for a long period of time.

The girl looked after the donkey when he was just a little foal. The girl made a decision to visit the little foal and she could not have imagined how the donkey would react.

As human beings animals also have a special way to express their feelings. The scene was captured. As the donkey saw the girl the donkey started to make noises. It was as if he showed that he really missed the girl.

The girl stretched her hands and the donkey came near. The donkey lives in the farm. The donkey and the girl had a very tight bond and it is very obvious from this video.

Animals living in farm can act as dogs and cats. Here the donkey expresses its true feelings and gratitude to his little caretaker. Such a sweet scene. They both feel happines by hugging and kisssing each other.

Here is the video:

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