A rescued puppy saved her injured owner’s life by barking for five hours for help


A chihuahua is a smart dog who saved her owner’s life by barking over five hours. The dog was named Sassy.


The owner’s name is Maria Alexander. She was 92 years old. They are inseperable and true friends towards each other.

Once the woman rescued her, she gives the answer now. They are always by each other’s side. The dog and the woman comfort each other in any situation.

The woman lost her balance and fell on the ground. She did not take her mobile phone with her. She left it at home. The dog kept staying by her owner’s side and barking non stop for five hours.

A couple heard the dog barking and came to see what was going on. The dog barked furiously. The couple came in time and took the woman to the hospital. She was cured here as she had broken ribs.

Thanks to her furry friend the woman is rescued. What a wonderful story.

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