A cute dog looks like a human and people can not get enough of him


A lovely dog which is a  poodle named Nori is a popular dog in the social media. The dog is unique in his own way.

The dog’s appearance is like a human face. The dog has a wise face expression and cute eyes and attractive smile.

The owners of the dog were always asked about the eyes and his human face. The owners of the dog tell that the dog is very sociable, full of energy and sweet dog.

The owners of the dog adopted Yorkshire terrier – Shih Tzu mix dog. Both of them became true and best friends. The owners of the dog are proud to have such a famous  and cute dog.

The owners of the dog are 33 years old  Kevin Harless and  34 years old Tiffany Ngo. The dog really has a unique appearance and even the owners of the dog could not have imagined that the dog would gain such fame.

The dog has also an instagram page with many followers who like to leave comments about how his eyes and face are like human. Those who see the dog even say that he has a warming smile.

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