A motorcyclist notices an injured eagle and he recues him thanks to his quick thinking


A motorcyclist was driving on the busy highway when he noticed a bald eagle who was lyimg om the riad in a hopeless state. The eagle was injured.

The man took the eagle from the middle of the busy road. Drivers stopped their cars and looked at the injured eagle but they did not know what to do.

The motorcyclist whose name is Dandon took the eagle and wrapped him with his shirt and tried to comfort the scared eagle. He called the rescue organisation to come and help the hopeless creature.

The man was doing everything possible to calm the bird. The eagle felt safety and stopped shivering from fear.

After some time the rescue organisation came and praised the man who cared about the bald eagle. T eagle was slightly injured but he did not have any broken bones.

The eagle is in rehabilation centre and gets a recovery. We hope his state will be getter better day by day.

Thanks to this kind hearted motorcyclist the eagle is rescued and the bird does not have to suffer.

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