A cute footage shows the sweet friendship between a bear cub and a german shepherd


A friendless dog and a tiny cute dog became true friends. Their bond was inseperable and very tight. They found each and since that time they are inseperable.

The bear cube was named Talullah. The cute brown bear cub was left abandoned in her first four months until she was brought to Bailiwick Animal Park in New York.

The cute bear was the youngest in the park. The bear cub tried to make friends but she was unsuccessful.

Luckily, she met a sweet german shepherd named Kayden. Their life blossomed as they met each other. Talluh was two years old when they saw each other.

Both of them found a playmate and they were enough lucky and happy to have each other. The bear cub did not do any harmful thing she just destroyed the squeaky toy of the dog. Both of them became very active and full of energy.

Here is the video:

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