A cute footage shows how a playful puppy plays with the teacher’s shoe while watching her students at the time of an exam


Two cute stray puppies took part in the examination. The cute scene was captured and attracted many people’s attention.

The sweet white dogs tried to distract the teacher so that the students tried to cheat on their test.

The two puppies were let to live in the campus by the students so that they won’t catch a cold. One of the puppies tried to catch from the shoe of the teacher and this scene became very popular.

The teacher was just watching attentively to her studens at the time of exam.The other teacher captured the scene.

The students brought the puppies inside to keep them warm during the severe cold. The cute dog chased after the teacher in the classroom.

The two puppies were so cute and adoreable. One of the teachers adopted the sweet puppies.

Here is the video:

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