A mute tiny girl surprises everybody when she tells her therapy donkey this magical sentence


Here is a girl whose name is Amber and her favourite donkey who serves as a therapy donkey. The name of the donkey is Shocks.

They both had a very difficult life. When the girl was born she had to have a surgery in order to rescue her life. The surgery left her mute.

The sweet girl had also celebral palsy which was healed after she met a cute therapy donkey. The donkey gave a new sense to her life.

The two had a very strong bond and understood each other perfectly. They looked so sweet together.

After some time the girl had a surgery which was considered to bring back her speaking skills.

It was as if the donkey cured the tiny girl as the girl started to speak and say her first sentence to the donkey.

The girl said, ” I love you, Shocks”. This impressed everybody who heard the sentence. This was a really shocking moment. All the people felt pround and this gave hope and relief that she will start to speak little by little.

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