This kind woman drives for 2 hours after work to feed the neglected dogs left in the hills every day


There are many abandoned dogs in the mountains of Turkey. They are just trying to find something to drink or to eat.

The woman Nuray is a kind hearted woman who looks after the neglected dogs. She has devoted her life feeding the dog living in the hills.

She does this after work every day. She drives her car for 2 hours to feed the abandoned dogs.She looks after this neglected dogs with care and love.

She gets pleasure of spreading attention to these creatures. She especially helps the dogs left in the hill of Sapanca.

She even goes to different restaurants and cafes to take the unwanted food and feed the neglected dogs. She helps the dogs all by her own.

If Noray notices that the dog has health problem she takes the dog to the vet. She treats the dogs as her own children and knows every dog’s story and difficult life.

The woman thinks that if there is an opportunity and a person is able to help he or she should help.

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