Here is Groucho. The most talented green Amazon parrot which has a unique talent
This is a story about a parrot whose name is Groucho. The parrot is a real star. The cute parrot not only speaks perfectly but he can also sing.
Video. A missing dog was found and reunited with her family after alerting her family about the dangerous tornado
This story is about a hero dog which an Australian shepherd. The cute dog is named Bella. The dog has rescued her family from the dangerous tornado.
An adorable stray cat sneaks into the police office and chooses a police officer as a family
A cute stray cat came to the police office wanting someone to pet and look after him. The cat was so charming and adorable that the policemen could not
A sweet video. The pink necked pigeons with green colour are one of the most beautiful birds in the world
Here is a story about beautiful pigeons with multicoloured body and green coloured neck. These special pigeons have a exceptional charm.