A sweet footage shows a hilarious reaction of the dancing deer when the dog ignores her


This is a funny footage showing how the deer started to dance in the water. The deer could not stand that she was being neglected by the dog.

The deer made every effort to attract the attention of the dog but useless. The dog kept doing his own business and did not glance the deer.

The deer became confused by the reaction of the dog. The hilarious scene was captured and this video attracted many people’s attention.

Deer are well known as shy animals. In this case the deer seems very active and sociable. The deer just wanted to attract the attention of the busy dog.

The adorable moment was captured by the owner of the dog. The owner said the deer always thought that she is  a dog.

The deer always wanted to make friends with the deer. The owner of the dog takes his dog for a walk and they meet each other frequently.

Here is  the video:

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