An orangutan offers his hand to help the man to get out of the snake-filled river


A wild orangutan offered his hand to help the man who was stuck in the mud. A photographer whose name is Anil Prabhakar captured this beautiful scene.

One of the staff members of the organization that rescues oranguntans got stuck in the mud.

He worked in the Borneo Orangutan Survival. The foundation takes care of the orangutans.

They help the orangutans who are in captivity. They release the orangutans to the wild.

They treat the injured orangutans. One of the crew members got into the river as he noticed a poisonous snake. These snakes are dangerous for orangutans.

When the man got stuck and made an effort to get out the orangutan came closer and gave his hand. The orangutan wanted to pull the fellow out of the water.

This is the human nature of the orangutan to give hands when needed. The man did not accept the help of orangutan as he must not engage with wild animals.

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