A hilarious footage. We all scream for ice-cream. Persistent parrot constantly asks for ice-cream


A cute and sweet multicoloured parrot asks for ice-cream for many times. It does not stop repeating for several times.

The footage is so funny and went viral in social media. The parrot does not get bored of asking for ice-cream for 24 hours.

It is as if the parrot complains of not having ice-cream. The hilarious action of saying ice-cream shows that the parrot likes sweet treats.

The parrot is called Destiny. The parrot heard how his owner told ice-cream to the other parrot to get him into the cage and from this time on this parrot keeps repeating the word ice-cream.

The parrot associates everything sweet with ice-cream. The parrot can repeat this word for several minutes and does not get tired of this.

Here is the hilarious video:

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