A sweet moment when a quokka jumps in front of the camera of a man before posing for a selfie


Those who visit Australia prefer to take pictures with quokkas. The quokkas are so sweet and cute.

The quokkas are charming and they are fond of taking selfies with the foreign tourists.

Taking selfies with these cute creatures has become the main mission of visitors. The cute quokkas even jump forward just for sweet pictures.

They give hugs in front of photographers. They like to pose and they do it with pleasure. The man named Cambell Jones managed to capture funny photos of quokkas.

The man did not have an intention to take hilarious pictures he was just riding a bike. The man said that the quokka followed the man and he just stopped to take cute photos with the quokka.

These animals are the most smiling and positive creatures. They brighten people’s day and spread positivness. They are always happy and cute.

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