A cute scene. Adorable rainbow lorikeet kissing a cute koala went viral


A colourful lorikeet just shows her true love towards the koala. This cute scene was captured how he kisses the koala.

The cute scene warmed people’s heart. This picture went viral. The cute lorikeet just stood near the koala and refused to leave his side or move.

The lorikeet even licked the koala’s nostril. The rainbow lorikeet enjoyed this but the koala did not seem to like this.


The koala was named Luther. The cute scene was captured in the sanctuary in south west Victoria.

The colourful lorikeet was rescued when he was a tiny creature. The koala was left orphaned as his mother was hit by a car.

Both of them were brought to the sanctuary by volunteers. Now the two different species enjoy each other’s company. They look so sweet and adorable together.

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