A sweet scene. A true relationship goal. A guy out on the sweetest date with his favourite dog


A man whose name is Gemma Colon saw a scene in the restaurant that touched his heart. A man was eating dinner with his dog.

The scene was so heartwarming. The man who witnessed the scene captured it. Many people were surprised to see how cute they look together. The dog behaved so well and gentle.

This dog is well trained. The dog and the man having dinner together are real proof that a strong bond between humans and pets exist.

The dog did not grab anything from the other table. The dog was well brought up.

This was a pleasant date between the dog and the owner. They are inseperable and are always by each other’s side.

The waitress even told the man that the dog is so sweet and trained. The man added that he takes his dog everywhere they go. The dog behaved very civil compared with many human beings.

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