A 13 years old boy from South Africa walked 3 kilometres alone to rescue his puppy


A boy from poor community rescued a puppy who was on the edge of death. The poor dog had a diarrhoea and gave up eating.

The boy was so courageous that walked 3 km to rescue the hopeless puppy. The bay walked 3 kilometres to find help for the dog.

The poor dog was badly fed as the boy was poor. The boy brought the dog here so that she will be adopted and taken care of.

He brought the dog to the animal welfare organization that looks after cats and dogs. The rescue worker told that the dog needed to be treated properly. The dog had an illness called parvovirus.

There were volunteers and cats by the side of the dog. They gave inspiration and strength to the dog. After some time the state of the dog got better step by step.

The cute dog was named Nanouk. Thanks to this boy from the poor community the dog is rescued. He is well fed. The dog will soon have a forever home. The dog became lively and active.

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