A heartwarming video. Boaters rescue baby moose stuck between rocks


When friends decided to go for a trip in the Canadian wilderness they just could not have even thought what expected them.

The men who were boating on the river saw a moose suffering. The moose got trapped on some rocks. The moose was a newborn. He looked weak and hopeless.

The men did not hesitate and acted quickly. At first, a man came to help the baby moose whose legs were stuck between rocks. The two other men joined so that they could get the moose out.

The mother moose was nearby. They could return the baby moose to her mother.

The moose was weak and did not have strength to carry himself so the men took the young moose to her concerned mom.

Luckily, the baby moose was safe and sound and did not have any harms. He felt relieved after being returned to her mom. These men are true heros thanks to them the baby moose lives happily with her mother.

Here is the heartwarming video:

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