Unique in his own way. A special boy met a dog who has the similiar disease as him and his life changed for the better abruptly


Here is a story about an eight years old boy and a dog. Both of them have the same disease called Vitiligo.

The dog became a consolation for the dog. The dog and the boy look like each other. They comfort each other.

The mother of the boy said that the boy was afraid of his strange appearance. The boy told his mother that he had difficulty being in the society as he is different.

The mother of the boy told him that he is just unique. After getting acquainted with the dog he began to like his appearance.

When the mother of the boy noticed the dog with the same disease as the dog he decided that they should meet as soon as possible.

The dog made the boy understand that his apprarance is acceptable and he is unique in his own way. The dog was named Roadie. The boy’s name is Carter.

They consider each other beautiful in their own way and no disease can make them feel spoiled. Now they live their life happily together.

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