Meet Pebbles who got Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest dog


Dogs live for 20 years. There are are rare cases that they live more. Here is the dog which is considered to be the oldest dog.

The dog is 22 years old. The dog is named Pebbles. The dog set as the oldest dog in the Guinness World record.

The dog lives with his lovely family in South Carolina. The dog was born in 2000, May 28.

The family decided to adopt a large dog, but this little dog melted their heart and they decided to take this dog.

The dog is always in the centre of attention and she is like a queen in the house. She likes to bark but sometimes she is very calm.

The dog lives happily as the family considers her as a member of the family. They say that she will live many years.

The previous oldest dog has lived 29 years and five months. This dog will also live so long or even more. The dog adores to cuddle in the blankets, to listen to music or just go for a walk.

Although the dog is old but she is healthy and loves to eat. The secret of the long living of the dog is that she is treated as a family  member and is well fed and  given proper healthcare. She lives in the positive enviroment.

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