The cat with an eye infection was brought to the shelter to be left there because of his scary appearance


A woman brought her cat to the animal shelter. She refused to have the cat as the cat looked scared.

The poor cat had an eye infection that is why he looked so bad. The poor creature suffered from the infection.

It was not obvious why the cat had this infection. This infection was a mystery.

The owner herself could not understand why this happened. The cat was named Candy. The cute cat is very affectionate.

The cat likes to be stroked and be in the centre of attention. The cat likes to be surrounded by people.

The cat is very beautiful and his eye infection conceals this. The kitty will make the family happier.

The cat has become a favourite cat. The kitten will soon have a forever home. The kitty will be loved not only for her appearance, but also for his kind nature.

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