A kind golden retriever rescues a small stranded woodchuck and transports the animal to safety


It was a hot summer day. A family liked to take their dog for a swim. The dog just adored swimming.

The dog was named Wally. Wally is a golden retriever which is very smart and cute dog. The dog spreads love as he is so kind and active. The dog is two years old.

Whenever the dog gets into the water it is rather difficult to get him out. He adores following the sticks or the ball in the water.

The dot also wears a shark life vest for his safety. The dog surprises everybody when he swims in circles. The owner of the dog Lynde noticed something moving near the dog.

At first she thought it was a stick then it jumped on the dog. It was a woodchuck. The dog brought the woodchuck to the shore.

The dog and the woodchuck rubbed their snouts with each other. They look at each other attentively. The dog went on swimming.

Woodchuks are very shy but the dog made the situation so tight that the woodchuk was at ease. The dog is very sweet and gets along with everyone he meets. He likes to give kisses and hugs.

Thanks to the attentive dog who kept looking whether the woodchuck had not fallen from his back the woodchuck is alive. It is not obvious why the woodchuck appeared in the water.

Here is the video:

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