A box was found with innocent puppies inside the box


A man found a box with innocent puppies inside the box. The puppies were left in despair.

The man did not hesitate and called Love Furry Friends Rescue. The rescue staff members came to take the puppies left on one side of the road.

The man stayed with the dogs until the rescue came. He did not know what to do.

Although the man could not take the puppies with him. He wanted to be sure that the state of the dogs was excellent. The puppies needed care.

The puppies were three months old. They were taken to the vet for proper examination. They were given milk every three hours. The puppies were given a second chance to live happily.

The male was named Totoshka. The female was named Gerda. The two puppies do not have to wander or worry that they are left abandoned. They get warmth and love that they really deserve.

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