A pet rabbit named Cocoa Puff is very famous for being as big as a dog


A family keeps a rabbit as a pet as they think they can not keep a dog or a cat at their small house.

The daughter of the family whose name is Maisie wanted to have a pet at home. The girl just adores animals.

They could not have imagined that the rabbit would become such a big lovely pet.

They named the rabbit Cocoa Puff. She is so sweet and cute. The size of rabbit is of the same size of a dog or a cat.

The pet lives in Seatle. The owner of the giant rabbit says that the rabbit gets along with their daughter very well.

They all enjoy spending time together. The rabbit is a true and gentle friend. They taught the rabbit the descipline for six months.

The cute rabbit does not chew anything as she is very smart. Many rabbits have the habbit of chewing electric wires and computer cords.

The rabbit adores eating food pellets, two big bowls of green and hay. The rabbit likes to be outdoors and breath fresh air.

The giant rabbit does not disturb any of the family members. The rabbit is always in the centre of attention and is a full member of the family.

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