An Australian veterinary clinic staff rescues a possum of a golden colour which is like a real-life Pokemon


An orphaned brushtail possum is much like a Pokemon. The cute creature waa brought to the Veterinary clinic situated in Ausralia.

The cute animal like a character pokemon is a possum. In general they have grey colour but this one has a genetic mutation. The colour of the possum is golden because of lack of melanin.

The animal was found lying on the ground. It was clear the animal was 5 months old and he fell from mother’s back. The animal stayed at the vet for a night.

The cute possum will not be let to the wild as the colour of the possum makes him a target for the predators.

The future of the Pokemon like a fox possum is not famous. The fox possum has gained popularity for his cute appearance.

The picture of the possum spread through socila media and it has been shares for 1,300 times.

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