A cute footage that will melt your heart. The abandoned puppy can not hide his happiness that he was finally adopted


Both animals and people need attention. They do not want to be neglected. All they want is to be cared, loved and have someone always by their side.

This story is about a cute dog which is named as “Heart nose” because of the heart shape on his nose. The sweet dog has melted many people’s hearts by his cuteness.

The cute creature is very impressive and friendly. The lovely dog could not conceal his happiness as he was finally adopted.

The dog shows his joy and does not hide his emotions feeling that he finally found a replacement home.

The dog was smiling and it was obvious he wagged his tail and wanted to go to his new forever home. The scene how excited he look standing at the counter where documents were being signed.

The dog said good bye to his caregivers and this scene was very touching. The dog was both happy to have such caring people as well as a new caring owner.

Here is the cute scene:

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