A brave and skillful dog found a box full of kittens and adopted them


A brave dog found a box full of kittens. The dog is of a husky breed. The kittens were left alone in the box in the forest.

The dog was named Banner. The dog had a golden heart. She is very attentive to her surrounding people and animals. The dog likes to adopt animals in need of help.

The cute and charming husky is three years old. The dog is trained as she is able to solve different tasks and solutions concerning to any problem and hazrdous states.

She is always there when the owner has a heart attack or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The dog performs different rescues.

While walking in the forest the dog noticed a box full of seven kittens. The owner of the dog Witney alerted her owner about the closed box. Witney opened the box and saw little kittens.

She took the little ones out. Maybe somebody had put the kittens in the box so that nobody would find them and they would die in the box. Maybe the person who left the kittens thought that the kittens would freeze and die there.

Thanks to the brave husky the seven kittens were rescued. The dog took care of the kittens as her own puppies. She did not leave their side. She was very attentive to them. The courageous husky adopted the innocent kittens.

The brave husky is a real hero as she was able to give a chance for the kittens to live. Thanks to the skills of the husky the kittens are safe and sound now.

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