An adorable footage. Cute and sweet baby is scared of the sound of the vacuum cleaner and runs to her dog for protection


There is a unuque bond between dogs and babies. Nothing can be compared with this relationship. The babies and their four-legged friends get along with each other very well.

The dogs are overprotective towards babies and this instinct makes their bond stronger. In this case the dog is a protector for the baby.

In general, many children like vacuum cleaner, but this child is afraid of the sound of vacuum-cleaner. The little baby headed to her protector Husky.

The baby girl is just 11 months old. She did not run to her mom or dad. The baby found comfort and protection by hugging tightly her furry friend.

The dog was so calm as if he understood that her little friend wants to be protected. The scene us heart-melting. The sweet footage will feel your day with positive vibes.

It is unbelievable how this tiny girl trusts her dog and finds safety being with her Husky. Dogs are reliable friends, regardless the situation wherever and whenever they are.

Here is the video:

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