An adorable video. A cute parrot meets an owl and he reacts to the owl with much confusion


When people have to introduce two different species of animals to each other it seems that this is a stressful action.

Introducing a dog and a cat is also very difficult. The first thought is that what if they hurt one another.

They are concerned if they would get along with each other. There is a loving friendship between a leopard and a dog.

There is also an adorable friendship between a kitten and a pig. But have you ever thought what the reaction of the parrot will be when he is introduced to a little owl.

It seems that both of them are birds and they will get along with each other well, but useless.

The reaction of the parrot towards the tiny owl is utmost what we humans would do. This was a great confusion. The video should be watched as it is very hillarious and interesting.

Here is the video:

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