The dog sat on one side of the road, missing his clear and shiny coat and in need of care and love


This dog looked as the poorest stray dog. The dog lost his coat and stood on the one side of the road hopelessly.

It looked as if the dog was waiting for someone with a great hope for the better life in his eyes. A woman was driving her car when she noticed the poor creature. She stopped the car and went near the dog with a smile on her face.

The fur of the dog was orange with spots. The dog showed that he wanted to live as he turned out to be rather strong.

The rescuer took the dog to the vet. The dog changed abruptly day by day. He became very gentle and kind. The dog was named Raleigh. He found a perfect forever home and ideal life partners.

The sadeness expressed in his eyes changed. The dog became lively and playful thanks to the rescuer.

His lonely life changed into a life full of people who just loved and cared for him. Now the dog gets all the care and love that he deserves.

It is very vital to help dogs and animals in need of help as in this case. The dog felt that his life had a meaning. The dog has a unique nature and caring heart.

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