A cat rescued from the streets which always looks as if she is smiling and smirking has become famous in the social media


A woman whose name is Kelly Dewesse was running when she saw a small cat near the cornfield.

The cat was like a little ball of wool. The cat was sick and there were plenty fleas on her. The woman could not just pass by the cute cat, she decided to take the cat with her.

The cat was named Snickers. The cat looks like a snickers. The cat was washed and fed properly and taken to the vet by the kind woman.

The cat was examined and had large polyps in her nose. A few surgeries were needed. The cost of operations were very expensive. The operations were done every six months.

The cat seems to be always smiling thanks to the spots on her face. The cat spreads positive vibes due to her smile. The has gone viral as her owner downloads her photos every day.

She gained love and attention. She has many fans. Her owner has spent seven thousand dollars on the treatment of the cat but she is grateful and happy that the cat is so lovely and affectionate.

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