A big hearted trooper adopts a dog he rescued from extreme heat on side of highway in Tennessee


This story has a happy ending. The hopeless dog was starving in the hot weather. The dog was on one side of the highway in Tennessee.

Luckily, the dog was rescued on time by a Highway Patrol trooper. As he rescued the life of the innocent creature he decided to adopt the dog after a few weeks.

All this began when the trooper got a call about the dog in the hit over 96 degrees. The dog needed someone to help and takehim out of the highway.

When the trooper came to the scene, the dog refused to come with him. The kind hearted trooper tried to gain his trust. As the dog looked scared and confused.

As the mam gained trust the dog calmed down and went with the trooper. The trooper took the dog to Animal Control Division. The dog got medical treatment here.

The trooper could not leave the dog as their bond became stronger. He decided to adopt the dog. This is reallly very heartwarming. The sweet dog was named Princess.

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