The man quits his job to travel the country and rescue dogs from shelters


Lee Asher has always wanted to help the animals in need of help. He grew in a family where there were 9 rescued animals.

The man had saved nearly 16 animals. Lee Asher lives in Los Angels, California.

When he was young he became interested in animals in the shelters. He was interested especially in the process of rescue.

He understood that his mission is to help the dogs in need of help. The man brought seven dogs. They were named Molly, Cali, BoBo, Butters, Haven, Yaffa and Lillie, as well as two cats, Goose and Whiskey.

These cats and dogs were abandoned and were living their life wonderfully. Rescueing a dog is very important as it gives hope that dogs won’t be left alone or neglected.

Rescueing a dog is a vitel problem. This gives inspiration that more and more dogs won’t wandering in the streets. This man quited his job and travelled the coutry to rescue as many dogs as he can.

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