The dog which was abandoned in the parking lot of the grocery store has become a proud K9 cop


The dog which was left in the parking lot of grocery store had an abrupt change in his life. The dog became a proud K9 officer.

Pit bulls are well known as notorious dogs and that teaching something to these dogs is a very difficult task. This dog is first K9 dog in New York.

The dog has become one of petrol members in New York. The cute pit bull is named Kiah. The dog has a very touching story as he was a stray dog once. He was rescued and taught by Officer Justin Bruzgul.

The dog provides safety in Poughkeepsie’s streets. The past of the dog has been very hazardous and he enjoys his life having a good position. The dog was trained in Texas.

He is loved and taken care of. The dog is ver6 charming and friendly. The dog is very confident as a K9 cop. The dog is solmn wearing his suit.

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