Heating , electricity and warm floors: a veterinarian built a chic village for dogs


A vet whose name is Radoslaw Fedaczynski has always wanted to build a dream village for the stray dogs not an animal shelter.

The veterinarian wanted to make a warmth and comfort for the homeless dogs. The village has houses with warm floors, wooden cabins, soft sofas, heating, electricity.

The vet called the village as a “Dog village”. Here the dogs wait for their owners and live waiting for new owners.

The shelters gives a chance the dogs to walk and to eat 8-11 hours.There nearly 7 houses with animal rehabilitation center and veterinary clinic.

There plans to build 40 houses and donations are done for this project.It will be very good if all the shelters become such villages.

The homeless dogs will have a chance for a decent life. Let all the animals be adopted and find forever home.

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