The Golden Retriever walks 62 miles for nearly 15 days to find his humans


Dogs are described as faithful animals. These four legged friends are laways trustful and they never leave their owner’s side.

This dog is very faithful to his owner. The dog was left in the care of his owner’s friend.

The dog did not stay there for a long time. The dog passed 62 miles to reach his owner. On the way to home the dog even hurt his leg but it did not matter.

He did not give up and went for 15 days. The dog is one year old. He is named Ping An. The dog is from China.

The dog was determined to see his owner in Qidong. The owners left their dog at their friend’s care so that they could renovate their house.

The golden retriever was verr devoted that is why he could not live without his owner.
As the owners of the dog got a call about the loss of the dog they became excited.

The owners of the dog could not have imagined that the dog went after them. The dog was found near the hometown. The dog was exhausted and tired.

The kind hearted men found out the dog and reunited the dog that walked for 62 miles to see his owners again.

The owners were very happy and confused to be reunited with their owner. Now the couple knows that they will never apart from their dog anymore.

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