Lost dog wins at Felbridge show after slipping away from her home
A dog escaped from his house in Bolney, West Sussex. The dog was named Bonnie. He was just five years old. The dog was a breed of beagle-cross.
Footage.Unbelievable voice of a parrot. Parrot-singer: a bird sings a complex song so beautifully that you can even make out the words
Parrots are famous in the social media for showing their good talents on singing or talking. These multicoloured birds are so cute by their actions and appearance.
Firefighters rescued a scared kitten trapped in ATM – later the cat was named “Cash”
There are many stories how animals get stuck in something strange that humans can not have even imagined. the Fort Smith Fire Department got a call about
A tiny puppy rescued from a construction site has a very beaitiful life
2 pound puppy was found near the construction site. The puppy was injured and looked very weak. The dog was named Pittie. Love Leo Rescue was there on time.
The smallest puppy in the middle of the road waits for somebody to rescue him
Irina and Nika were just walking down the busy street when they noticed a little puppy in thr middle of the road. The puppy looked weak and exhausted.