A tiny puppy rescued from a construction site has a very beaitiful life


2 pound puppy was found near the construction site. The puppy was injured and looked very weak.

The dog was named Pittie. Love Leo Rescue was there on time. They came to rescue the puppy in a bad state. The puppy was taken to a vet for proper examination.

The puppy was welcomed here with care and love. The puppy got all the love he deserved.

The dog began to change for the better day after a day. He was surrounded with caring four legged friends who did not leave him alone.

His siblings made his life full of joy. He could forget the hazardous life he had overcome. He does not have to wander in the streets. The dog was put for adoption soon.

A kind woman adopted the dog. The dog gets all the happiness he deserves. He goes to work with his owner.

His days have become rather interesting. His life is very meaningful now. He feels his importance.

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