The employee of the year: The dog got work and became the favourite of the pub visitors


Katherine McLennan is 25 years old. She is the manager of a Brighton pub The Cow. She works in an establishment with her dog named Begbie.

The dog has his own bedge and adores his job very much. From February 2020 the dog works here as the owner of the dog yold her boss about bringing her dog with her.

The boss allowed to bring the dog as the dog was rather small. The dog brought fame to the pub. The boss could have imagined that the dog would make the pub so famous.

Those people who visited the path were delighted with the dog. This breed of the dog has the habbit of stealing something. The dog sometimes sleeps near the tables.

This does not matter he attracts many people’s attention. The dog spreads positivness and true emotions. Those who come with their children regularly insist on going to the pub to see their favourite dog.

The dog has gone viral in the social media and the dog has melted hearts by his cute actions.

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