A man goes to a beauty salon and asks for learning hair lessons and make up to help his wife

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In April a man applied for learning hair styling in a stylist school. The man was from Canadian province of Alberta.

The man wanted to learn how to do his wife’s make up and hair. He did so as his wife could not longer do make up and her hair.

The man told the director of Collegge Harrie Hanna that they have been married for fifty years and his wife is upset as she losing her sight.

The man did not want that his wife burnt herself with the curling iron. He showed how beautiful his wife had been and how she looked after herself.

Now she is not able to do so. They cared for each other that is why they did their best to make comfort for each other. They always gave hands to each other.

The couple did not stop admire each other’s company. This is a real and devoted love. Here actions speak more than words.

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