The cute footage shows a hillarious cockatoo barking like a dog and meowing like a cat
A hillarulious and boisterious cockatoo imitates dogs and cats. The cute cockatoo is named Jewel. The citron crested cockatoo starts to meow when be hears
A funny video.The talking parrot tells the cat to quiet down in a very smart way
This story happened in Ontarion, Canada. The parrot named Cairo is a smart parrot.   The parrot is just two years old. The parrot is an African Congo grey parrot.
This man takes his sick dog into the lake as the water makes the pain subside
A man named John Unger and a dog named Schoep became popular in the world . Their photo was spread in the social media in 2012. The photo shows a dog sleeping
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A brave bus driver rescued 40 children from a burning school bus
The bus driver Janet O’Connell is titled as a hero as he rescued 40 children in a burning school bus. This incident happened in the USA.
Dog waits in the shelter for 9 years before finding a loving foster home
The dog named Beauty was left in the shelter when he was a little puppy wandering in the streets of Greece. The dog was brought to the shelter and he had
A kind-hearted Australian postman makes sure his favourite dog, that is waiting for him every day, gets a daily letter even there is no mail for her
Martin Stunder is an Australin postman who is very kind man. He works in Australia, Brisbay. The postaman looks forward to seeing one of his favourite