Dog waits in the shelter for 9 years before finding a loving foster home


The dog named Beauty was left in the shelter when he was a little puppy wandering in the streets of Greece.

The dog was brought to the shelter and he had to spend nine years here. The dog looked sad and hopeless. The dog was sufferring in the pain of feeling loniness.

All the dogs were adopted in the shelter, but she continued to live in the shelter. The dog and other 150 dogs were just waiting someone to come and adopt her.

The dog wagged her tail as if she had a hope and anticipation that these people who came here would adopt her.

Last summer the dog felt ill and got sick with leishmaniasis. They could bot neglect her state and the dog was adopted by a foster home. The dog was take care of and looked after properly.

The dog won’t have to feel pain any longer. Thr dog is waiting for having a forever home soon.

The foster mom whose name is Zara nurses the dog and cures her properly. The dog is a real fighter for life.

The dog is still dreaming to have a permanent home. The dog deserves to have a happy ending and be cheerful with her forever home members.

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