A cute cat thinks that nobody can see him when he hides


A cat named Kenu was rescued from industrial warehouse. The rescuer was working there when the cat was only a little kitten.

The cat was very heaitant and seemed very shy until he got used to his surroundings and became a friendly cat.

When the cat meets someone new he behaves cautious then he starts to make friends.

When the cat does not hide he likes to keep lizards or something strange in his owner’s bag or shoes. The cat is very active and smart one.

The cat likes to hide somewhere possible and he still needs to improve hia skill as he does not conceal in a proffessional way.

The cat likes to observe everything he meets. The cute cat thinks whenever he hides nobody sees him but he is a little bit mistaken.

The kitten hides but he is seen whenever they call him he does not respond. He thinks that he is completely hiding and nobody sees him.

The family adores how the cat hides and the family laughs a lot about the cuteness of the cat. The cat likes to hide under Christmas tree, under the table or under the dishwasher.

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