The caring and devoted grandpa builds a cart to take his sick elderly dog on a walk every day


A man whose name is Tonino Vitale lives in Italy. The man loves his dog of a labrador breed and just can not imagine his life without the dog.

He loves the dog named Dylan to the moon and back. The dog is 13 years old and has had a very long life.

The years had a very bad influence on the health of the dog. The dog became less active, the man took the dog to the vet.

The dog had an arthritis. This causes discomfort of moving around. Unfortunately, there little time was left for the dog to live.

The owner of the dog decided to do something special for the comfort of the dog. He just wanted to make the days of the dog happier.

The man built a cart for the dog to lie on. The dog went for a walk with the caring onwer. The owner of the dog so that this kind of walks made the dog alert and joyful.

The kindness of this man was appreciated by the neighbours. One of the neighbours captured the sweet scene and posted it in the social media.

This action of the man was appreciated by people. The owners of elderly dogs should be like this and always do an extra step to help the elderly dogs in need of support.

Here is the video:

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