Random cat appears in a Fashion show and gives the word “catwalk” a proper meaning


A cat appearing in the catwalk gave the true and proper meaning of the word “catwalk”.

The models were walking on the catwalk in the Esmond International Fashion Show. The models showed clothes designed by Göksen Hakkı Ali.

The show was in the Esmarr Square mall in Istanbul. A stray cat came to the catwalk to steal the show.

The cat started to scratch and fetch the clothes of the model. The cat looked rather nervous. In the middle of the catwalk the cat did fericious poses.

All the cameras captured the cute cat and the cat enjoyed all the attentio that he got.

What he really did not love was being at the catwalk with other models.

The cat tried to distract attention of people from the models. The cat did not win the show but the cat won many people’s hearts.

Nowdays we know why people call catwalk as these photos are true proof of the meaning of the word.

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